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NEW/UPDATED Broker Tour Rules

 The meeting is held on Tuesdays at 8:30 AM. (except holidays)

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No Meetings held on these 2022 dates: 

For your listing to make it onto the Broker Tour Showcase, it must be inputted in the MLS by 12:00 PM  the day before the meeting and the listing must be Active.

Reports will be uploaded to the website by 3:30 p.m. the day before the meeting.  If the old tour is showing, refresh your page by clicking on the refresh icon. 

Rules and Policies

Red Arrow Guidelines

Red Arrow Guidelines (PDF)

Why are some signs illegal?

Essentially ALL directional arrows are illegal through County ordinance. And as more and more signs popped up all over the place, the County threatened substantial punishment for having them installed.
However, through a "hand shake" agreement, they are allowing directional arrows for hard to find properties. REALTORS® have agreed to limit the use of directional signs to prevent very restrictive sign ordinances and government penalties that would be passed if we do not self-police.
Red Arrow Guidelines:
  1. These signs are not to be used as advertisements to lure potential clients to drive to the property, but are to help aid agents and buyers in locating a property that is difficult to find.
  2. These signs are called Red Arrow on purpose. The ONLY thing allowed on the sign is a red arrow, and the numbers for the property.
  3. Directional arrows may NOT be accompanied by full sized real estate signs, flyer boxes, laminated flyers, "Open Sunday" signs, "View lot" "Sold" signs, agent names and/or phone numbers.
Examples of proper and improper use:
  • The classic best use of red arrow signs is a country property, on hard to find private roads, where many "y's" and turns are needed to find the home.
  • Another example might be a home on very busy roads where there is a long driveway off the road and it is difficult to see the entrance, see the address, and drive at the same time. In this case, a directional arrow might be appropriate.
  • Arrows at the entrance to a subdivision, or the bottom of a hill are not approved.
  • On clearly marked public roads, or corners of public roads, arrows are not permitted. This is true for side streets as well as main roads.

If you are aware of an illegal sign, please let us know - email: and we will contact the listing agent and have it removed. Please be aware that we are following up on these signs as quickly as we can.
Thank you for your cooperation on this, and thank your Sellers for complying as well. We appreciate it!

Meetings Schedule

Day of Week Chapter/Area
8:30 AM Santa Rosa
9:00 AM Mendocino / Lake County
8:30 AM Sebastopol
9:30 AM Petaluma & Rohnert Park / Cotati
8:30 AM
Sonoma Valley
9:00 AM
North County
9:00 AM Napa County
8:30 AM Windsor
10:00 AM Cloverdale & Mendocino