Information Security: Responsible Business Practices

When:  Oct 1, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)

Information Security: Responsible Business Practices For The Information Age, A Workshop. Headlines about data breaches, successful hacks of huge corporations, and security vulnerability in government - even in our elections themselves - are a daily occurrence. What does all of this mean for your household and your business? What are the real dangers and threats? What’s your exposure and risk, and how do you protect yourself - and your clients? And the question no one wants to consider is what happens if you fail, and you’re responsible for a data breach?  Without confusing technical jargon, and with a focus on teaching you, as a non-expert, how to think about security - rather than only what to think, this class will get you on the right path to protecting your business and household from the perils of the modern internet-connected world. This workshop will achieve this by arming you with the right mindset and ideas, rather than just giving you “tips and tricks” or by pitching products or services for you to buy.

The workshop consists of a presentation followed by discussion and Q & A. 


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Santa Rosa, CA 95407