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Qualifications for REALTOR® Members:

REALTOR® members, whether primary or secondary, who are principals, partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers of real estate firms shall:

  1. Maintain a current, valid California real estate broker or salesperson license or California real estate appraisal certification or license; and

  2. Act as a sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer of a real estate firm or office manager of a real estate firm acting on behalf of the firm’s principal(s); and

  3. Remain actively engaged in the real estate profession; and

  4. Maintain or be associated with a real estate office located within the state of California or a state contiguous thereto; and

  5. Remain employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor with a REALTOR® member who meets the requirements in Section 2.1 of this Article V for any Association in California or a state contiguous thereto; and

  6. Have no record of official sanctions rendered by the courts or other lawful authorities for (i) violations of civil rights laws or real estate license laws within the past three years or (ii) criminal convictions within the past ten years where the crime was punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year under the law under which the applicant was convicted (ten years is measured from the date of the conviction or the release of the applicant from the confinement imposed for that conviction, whichever is the later date.

REALTOR® members may be franchise corporate officers as described below in Article V, Section 2.8.


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Affiliate members are real estate owners, and other individuals or firms engaged in activities related to the real estate profession, who do not qualify for REALTOR® membership.

Affiliate members have interests requiring information concerning real estate and sympathy with the objectives of the A.O.R.

Affiliate dues are $175/year and are prorated monthly.  There is a $50 one-time new member application fee.

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