As a member of the REALTOR® Party, NAR encourages you to vote for candidates and issues that build strong communities, protect property interests and promote a vibrant business environment at the local, state and national levels.


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REALTORS® speaking with one voice, participating in national and state Calls for Action allows our collective voice to be heard from Capitol Hill to the statehouse. In addition, participating in community outreach projects and activities sponsored by your state and local associations are great ways for REALTORS® to establish themselves as valuable community assets.


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CREPAC, LCRC, IMPAC, ALF and the RAF comprise C.A.R.'s political fundraising arm.  Dollars donated by members help to support issues and candidates that understand the real estate transaction and housing issues generally.

CREPAC and LCRC provide funds to support REALTOR®-friendly candidates.

IMPAC State and Local provide funds to advance REALTOR®-friendly issues and policy.

Advocacy Local Funds (ALF) provide resources to local Associations to pay for general issues advocacy expenses that do not involve a ballot measure campaign.

The REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) raises money from members to help support candidates who are favorable to real estate and housing.